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3 Days - from 260 EURO

Ciamousseretto Valley



3 days / 2 night
Any modification or extension of the programme is available




Ceresole Reale (Turin, Orco Valley - Italy)



intermediate / Escursionistic (E)



June- September


  • The system of the mule tracks and the royal hunting lodges was built by the will of Vittorio Emanuele II, king of Italy, passionate about hunting and the territory in which the Gran Paradiso National Park will then be established. It was thanks to the limitations on hunting activities imposed by King Vittorio Emanuele II that the Alpine ibex (Capra ibex) was able to save itself from extinction (it had in fact disappeared from the entire Alpine arc). Today the Royal House of Hunting houses an unmanaged but very comfortable hiking refuge: we will reach it with the help of the mule and spend the night there, just as the kings of the Savoy house did with their retinue.

  • Experiential alpine activities (milking, transfer and care of the mule, management of grazing animals) and visit to Alpe Gran Prà, with tasting of typical products. The practice of the mountain pasture, that is the movement of the herds of animals at high altitude during the summer, is a typical millennial heritage of the Alpine chain which still repeats itself almost unchanged on the Alpe Gran Prà.

  • Close encounters with the typical wildlife of the Gran Paradiso National Park (ibex, chamois, eagles, bearded vultures, marmots, etc)


  • Day 1: meeting at Noasca (TO) with excursion guide, excursion to Alpe Gran Prà and the Gran Piano refuge with mule; lunch, visit and mountain activities, with the possibility of tasting and buying typical products; dinner and overnight at the Gran Piano refuge.

  • Day 2: wildlife excursion to the Bocchetta del Ges and the central lake of Ciamosseretto; overnight at the Gran Piano refuge

  • Day 3: experiential excursion (management of the animals to pasture), lunch in the pasture and return to Noasca (TO) The package is fully customizable, based on customer needs and proposals. Possibility to make the excursion with professional photographer in tow (extra)


All the services and facilities are complete adjustable, please contact us to design your experience and to get a direct evaluation of the prize.



We can arrange all the transfer, also the ones not included in the package. Please contact us for any further information.



  • 250 Euros per person, 10 people

  • 270 Euros per person, 9 people

  • 280 Euros per person, 8 people

  • 300 Euros per person, 7 people

  • 310 Euros per person, 6 people

  • 340 Euros per person, 5 people

  • 390 Euros per person, 4 people

  • 470 Euros per person, 3 people

  • 630 Euros per person, 2 people


It's possibile also for a single person, but a further adaption of the costs is to be considered.


  • 2 night in hut Gran Piano

  • all breakfast, lunch and dinner

  • 3 days with expert mountaineer guide certified  

  • Specific technical materials

  • mule renting


  • transport to Ceresole Reale

  • materials individual

on demand is possible to add or exclude any particular activity.


  • Transfer along the different places of the package

  • Other activities around Orco Valley

  • SPA

  • Extra days/nights

  • Professional photograph


Noasca - Hut Gran Piano - room with 2/4 beds - 2 night

Gran Paradiso Trekking Experience

Multi-day naturalistic / experiential trekking in the Piedmont side of the Gran Paradiso National Park with expert hiking guide, overnight stay at the Royal Hunting House of the Gran Piano, visit and activities at the Alpe Gran Prà with tasting of typical products and transfer by mule to the royal mule tracks .

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